Forthcoming Academic Areas

The forthcoming academic areas at Alliance School of Law, Alliance University aim at furthering learning, research and scholarship across the specialization domains of law and other related areas: public and private law, law and liberal arts, managerial excellence and journalism and mass communication. These interdisciplinary, specialization areas of study at Alliance School of Law offer Core and Elective subjects, and are designed to deliver integrated courses in law, the humanities and social sciences and management.

Alliance School of Law will be commencing one more specilisation in LL. M. that is, LL. M. in Intellectual Property Law and two Postgraduate Diploma courses: Postgraduate Diploma in Labour and Services Law and Postgraduate Diploma in I.P.R. from the academic Year 2016 July.

The Public Law and Private Law Area at Alliance School of Law, Alliance University offers Core and Elective subjects in public and international law, business laws, tax laws, intellectual property law, criminal law, family law and cyber law. Subjects in the private law field focus on comparative law and practice from an international and regional focus. This specialization area prepares graduates for roles and responsibilities in legal careers as versatile law practitioners, jurists and members of the judiciary.

The Law and Liberal Arts Area at Alliance School of Law, Alliance University is interdisciplinary and draws learning from diverse areas such as: economics, linguistics, social sciences and media, while furthering world-class research in law, humanities and social sciences. In addition, the Area also plans to further interdisciplinary collaborations resulting in academic and legal development through projects of national and international importance. Unique in its constitution and vision, the Law and Liberal Arts Area at Alliance School of Law, Alliance University strives to pursue excellence in teaching and research, while aspiring to enrich the academic and creative life of its key constituents. Above all, the Area promotes the understanding of law as a social institution, while offering subjects on culture, ethics and social advocacy.

The Managerial Excellence Area at Alliance School of Law, Alliance University promotes the combined academic study of management, alongside law through integrated courses that impart to students, subject-matter expertise in law, functional specializations in management, business strategy and the interdisciplinary learning from law, management and business ethics.

The Journalism and Mass Communication Area at Alliance School of Law, Alliance University furthers academic learning in law and journalism. The Area offers an option to the students enrolled in B.A. LL. B. (Hons.) and B.B.A. LL. B. (Hons.) courses at the undergraduate level to opt for elective subjects in journalism and mass communication. The electives aim to impart media-based learning on the legal aspects of media and communication as well as the role of law journalists in mass media channels.