Core Faculty

Dr. Mrinal Raste

Professor & Dean

Dr. Mrinal Raste has held several senior administrative positions. He has been the Vice Chancellor at Symbiosis International University, Pro- VC and Dean at Ansal University, Dean and Director at Amity Law School, Amity University and Dean and Director U.P.E.S University, to name a few. He has previously worked with Alliance University in the capacity of Dean– School of Law.  He was also the Chairman of the Board of Studies, Senate Member, Member of the Academic Council, of the University of Pune.

He holds a doctoral degree from the University of Pune and is a member of several distinguished national and international legal bodies.

He was awarded the Life Time Achievement award by the All India Teachers Association.

List of Publications

  • Symbiosis Law Times: - A premier law journal containing information of public interest and legal education.
  • Lex Et Symbiosis: - The Bi-yearly newsletter of Symbiosis Society’s Law College which airs updates on campus activities and encompasses all events that have taken place in the college. It provides legal awareness and latest happenings in the legal field.
  • Ensym: - A journal on Environmental Law.
  • Journal of Symbiosis Law College:- An annual publication which provides a platform for expressing views on various facets of law, social sciences and human rights.
  • PolSym: - A Socio-Political Journal of Symbiosis Society’s Law College.
  • Revorigated IPR: - A Journal dealing with the importance and the emerging trends of IPR.
  • Infosym: - A Journal of its kind dealing in Cyber Laws.


SEMINARS and WORKSHOPS (Participated and Conducted)     

  • Participated in the conference held at Vienna, by the United Nations on 9th April, 2000
  • Participated in the conference on Environmental Law conducted by the International Jurist Association
  • Participated in the conference held by the Institute of Criminology, New Delhi
  • Participated in the Seminar on Victimology at the Indian Institute of Public Administration, conducted by the Institute of Victimology.
  • Conducted a State Level Seminar on T.A.D.A at the Symbiosis Society’s Law College
  • Conducted a National Seminar on Constitutional Law on 25th January 2003
  • Conducted a symposium on “Jurisprudential Implications of Article 21 of the Constitution of India
  • Conducted a Symposium on “Development of Environmental Laws in India” held on 28th Dec 2003.
  • Conducted a Symposium on “The Law of Contempt of Court in India” – held on 10th January 2004.
  • Conducted a Symposium on “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” on 17th January 2004
  • Conducted National Seminar on New Challenges in Legal Education on 24th Jan 2004
  • Conducted a Symposium on “Professional Ethics- Bar –Bench Relations on 31st January 2004
  • Conducted a Symposium on “Intellectual Property Law in India: Challenges and Promises on 20th Nov 2004
  • Organized the first National Symbiosis Moot Court on the 11th and 12th of Dec 2004
  • Conducted National Seminar on “Revisiting the Indian Criminal Justice System Reforms” in the month of January 2005.


Member of the following Institutes and Committees

  1. Member of Research & Recognition Committee, Dr. Ambedkar University
  2. Member of the Syllabus Reform Committee, University of Pune
  3. Member of Indian Law Institute
  4. Member of Institute of Criminology
  5. Member of Institute of Victimology
  6. Member Secretary, Legal Aid and Advice Clinic
  7. Member of ‘The World Jurist Organization’.
  8. Participated/ Member on the Selection Committee of M.S University of Baroda & North Maharashtra University.
  9. Member of The LIC Committee, University of Pune.
  10. Worked as Paper Setter and Examiner on Gujarat S.E.T Examination.
  11. On Board of Governors of the International Jurists Organization.
  12. Member on the panel of Examiners of M.P.S.C.