Core Faculty

Prof. Pradeep Kumar

Assistant Professor

Prof. Pradeep Kumar holds a Master of Law degree and a Master of Social Work degree. He has submitted his doctoral thesis (2017) in the field of Constitutional Law at Mewar University. He is currently working on a research project under the auspices of the Parliament of India, supervised by a Special Committee of Members of Parliament.

He has taught law for four years in Delhi/NCR region. Before that he has been an official of International Human Rights and Environmental Forums, as well as been a Research Associate for leading research organizations. While he was a practicing advocate, he appeared in various matters in High Court and Supreme Court of India.

As far as extra-curricular activities are concerned, he has scripted and directed numerous drama performances from the time. Many of his dramatic arts events feature on youtube, etc. He has also directed award winning street plays, which have been performed by students during inter-college fests. His scripts vary from political satires to legal awareness dramas concerning the rights of women, oppressed classes of persons and human rights issues.

He has a specialization in Human Rights Law and has obtained Civil Defense training under Home Ministry of India, where he headed a rescue team, was trained in (on field) Rescue Operations – during Air Raid, Black Out, Fire Fighting and all kinds of emergencies. He secured highest grades in NCC and completed all three levels of training, being awarded the post of ‘Senior under Officer’.

Prof. Pradeep has authored two books entitled UN Resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir: A Succinct Analysis and Evolving Clarity beyond the conundrum as well as contributed chapters to books (one of which was published by LexisNexis – Universal Publications). He has presented several research papers at conferences and has published many research papers and articles in esteemed national and international journals.