Core Faculty

Dr. Avanish Bhai Patel

Assistant Professor

Dr. Avanish Bhai Patel has completed Ph.D. in Sociology from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. He has obtained post-graduation in two subjects; first in Criminology from University of Lucknow and second in Sociology from CSJM University Kanpur. He has qualified UGC-NET exam and received the MHRD (Government of India) Fellowship. He also has research experience with renowned institutions. He has worked as a Research Officer on the project ‘National Research Study on Human Trafficking in India’ at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and has worked as a Research Consultant on the project Scheme for Promoting Quality Education in Madrasa of four States at National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi.

The major fields of research interest include sociology of ageing, fear of crime, elder abuse, and qualitative research.

Paper Publications

  1. Patel, A.B. and A. J. Mishra. 2016. “Fear of Crime amongst Elders in India.” Journal of Working with Older People 20 (1): 36-45.  (Indexed in Scopus and Notified by UGC).
  2. Mishra, A. J. and A. B. Patel. 2013. “Crimes against the Elderly in India: A Content Analysis on Factors causing Fear of Crime.” International Journal of Criminal Justice Science 8 (1): 13-23. (Indexed in Scopus and Notified by UGC).
  3. Patel, A. B. and A. J. Mishra. 2015. “A Study of the Factors Triggering Fear of Crime among the Elderly in Northern India.” Indian Journal of Gerontology 29 (4): 456-470. (Indexed in Indian Citation Index and Notified by UGC).
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  7. Patel, A. B. 2013. “Crises in Female Existence: Female Foeticide and Infanticide in India.” International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory 6(4): 235-241.
  8. Patel, A. B. 2013. “Vridh Logo Me Apne Prati Apradh Ka Bhay:  Ek Samkalin Samajik Samsya.” Police Vigyan Patrika 31(123): 40-46.
  9. Patel, A. B. 2012. “Sankat Me Kanyao Ka Astitva: Balika Bhrun Hatya Evam Shishu Hatya.” Police Vigyan Patrika 30(118): 29-32.


Book Chapters

  1. Patel, A. B. and A. J. Mishra. 2015. “Human Trafficking: A Human Rights Abuse.” In Contemporary Crime in Indian Society (229-247), edited by Ramesh H. Makwana, New Delhi: Gyan Prakashan.



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  9. Patel, A. B. 2017. “Abuse with Elderly Women in India.” National Seminar on Violence against Women: Problems, Prospects and Prescriptions, organized by P.G. Dept. of Sociology, Sardar Patel University, Anand, India.


Workshops Attended

  1. Attended the Workshop on “Data Analysis in Social Sciences” organised by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, 27th May to 5th June, 2013 in Mumbai, India.
  2. Attended the Workshop on “Research Methods on Gender Issues in Labour” organised by V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, Noida, 25th February to 1st March, 2013.


Affiliation to Professional Organizations / Bodies

  • Life member of South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology.
  • Indian Sociological Society (Member RC-18-Sociology of Crime and Deviance).
  • Life member of Indian Society of Criminology.
  • Life Member of Association of Gerontology, India.
  • Academic Member of the Athens Institute for Education and Research (Sociology Research Unit and the Law Research Unit).